About Cool the Climate!

We believe in cooling the climate for the sake of all Earthlings. According to climate scientists, the safe level of CO2 in the air is 350 parts per million (ppm). But because of human activities the amount of C02 (the cause of Global Warming) is rising fast – as are the effects! Join us in taking the steps to get C02 back to 350 ppm!

Did you know…

Two countries, Bhutan and Suriname, are cooling the climate right now through old school technology (trees and jungle) – they’re CHOOSING to develop responsibly. Most of humanity may need a mix of old and new technology, but these small countries offer BIG hope for us as individuals, communities, businesses, nations, and the World!

Sophia Arce
A recent UC Berkeley graduate, Sophia helps with design and development and is passionate about climate justice. She’s working to advance the issue through managing communications for the Ojai Extinction Rebellion chapter, writing tweets for This Is Zero Hour, and launching the mobile app Conscious Coffee. Alongside the Cool the Climate animals, Sophia’s learning more everyday about how to be a better friend to the environment.

Denis Thomopoulos
The animals of Cool The Climate were born at Hippo Works, a company started by Denis who’s thrilled to have drawn cartoons for National Geographic Kids, Paramount Vantage, and most recently Unicef, Project Everyone, and PCI Media which are presenting the Cool The Climate Movie. With climate change being the mother of all issues, Denis founded cooltheclimate.com as a project devoted to helping solve the crisis.