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Would you like to join us as an Affiliate of The Cool The Climate program? If you have a blog or website, being an Affiliate will…

promote kids’ climate education and action.

plant one tree for the climate with every dollar of a purchase.  

increase your passive income through a 25% commission on sales generated by your website (cookies recognize a browser so you get a commission even up to 30 days from   a purchaser’s initial visit).


The goal of Cool The Climate is to help people get carbon in the air back down to the safe level of 350 parts per million (it’s currently over 410 ppm and the cause of Global Warming) for the benefit of all earthlings.


The steps to becoming an Affiliate involve a third party, Gumroadto process the transactions for both you (the Affiliate) and for us at Cool The Climate. First…


When you hit "Create account" you will see:

stop global warming become affiliate

When you hit the "Next" button, you will see:

Stop global heating become affiliate

And then...

Help Environmen application

Once you've created a Gumroad account...

…you must send us your account’s email address at hello (at) so we can enter you as an Affiliate. When we do, you’ll then receive an email confirmation with your customized Affiliate link (unique to you) that you can put on your website. Please feel free to use any movie info and the below graphics to promote the program with the link too!

Climate change explained for kids
How to stop climate change for kids
Global warming explained for kids
Environmental education for kids
Global warming for children
How to reduce global warming poster