Kit - Cool The Climate!

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With every dollar donated, you plant a tree.
A tree can remove up to a ton of carbon over its life, so through a donation you are taking climate action while inspiring your students or kids to do the same! The downloadable program includes the Cool The Climate movie, an eBook with lesson plans and activities, a memory game for concept retention, and the film’s soundtrack.


Inspire children


Kids love learning and taking climate action:

Kids watch the movie (above), play the downloadable Memory Game (middle) and then take part in climate solutions like Henry (above bottom) who raised $235 through bake sales to go carbon negative! Kids also take collective action through our EDU school lunch composting program (video below).


Plant trees


       Your dollars also replant                  Madagascar’s forests: 

90% of Madagascar’s original forests have been destroyed by clearcutting. Your donation supports Eden Projects, which reforests the island through a partnership with National Parks that creates jobs for people, trees that capture carbon, and habitats where native species can flourish.