Meet Us

      Suzanne       The Bird

  Bob The   Rodent

            The              Earth

          Peep            The Bird

      Simon               The Hippo

Suzanne has a magic snap and purse that  can do most anything – except solve the  climate crisis!

Bob is a climate skeptic and overall ne’er-do-well. Selfish is his middle name but there are glimmers of hope.  


You know the Earth but did you know the climate’s carbon-safe level is 350 parts per million and that it’s now around 415 ppm

Peep has an insatiable curiousity and loves learning and taking action for causes – the climate being numero 1!

Simon is an everyman and the most sensible of the gang. He wants to do the right thing and also have fun!

We believe in cooling the climate for the sake of all Earthlings – people, animals, all living beings.
According to climate scientists, the safe level of CO2 in the air for Earth’s rich biodiversity is 350 parts per million (ppm). But because of human activities (the cause of Global Warming) C02 is rising fast – see these astonishing before and after photos of the effects of our warming planet. We have a huge challenge ahead of us but we believe “nothing is impossible” (as Peep and Muhammad Ali say in this comic strip) and that together we can cool the climate!
Please join us or contact us. We’d love to hear from you!
Climate education for kids by Denis

The Cool The Climate Project and its parent company, Hippo Works, are privileged to work with or have worked with the following companies and non-profits:

Sophia Arce
A recent UC Berkeley graduate, Sophia helps with design and development and is passionate about climate justice. She’s working to advance the issue through managing communications for the Ojai Extinction Rebellion chapter, writing tweets for This Is Zero Hour, and launching the mobile app Conscious Coffee. Alongside the Cool the Climate animals, Sophia’s learning more everyday about how to be a better friend to the environment.

Denis Thomopoulos
Denis received a BA and MA in English Literature from Georgetown and Oxford and got his start in cartooning when he drew a hippo on a best-selling college t-shirt. The tee inspired him to create Hippo Works, a company where the animals of Cool The Climate were born and through which Denis is thrilled to have drawn cartoons for National Geographic Kids, Paramount Vantage, and most recently Unicef, Project Everyone, and PCI Media which present the Cool The Climate! movie. To make up for lost time, Denis founded as a project devoted to helping solve the crisis.