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Meet Us

We believe in cooling the climate for the sake of all Earthlings – people, animals, all living beings.
According to climate scientists, the safe level of CO2 in the air for Earth’s rich biodiversity is 350 parts per million (ppm). But because of human activities (the cause of Global Warming) C02 is rising fast – see these astonishing before and after photos of the effects of our warming planet. We may have a huge challenge ahead of us but believe “Impossible Is Nothing” and that together – through ingenuity – we can cool the climate!                                                                 and its parent company, Hippo Works, have collaborated about animal and nature causes with the following companies and non-profits:

Please join us or contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

​Meet the Creator

​Denis Thomopoulos got his start ​in cartooning ​when he drew a hippo on a best-selling college t-shirt. ​He then created cartoons for National Geographic Kids,​ Paramount Vantage, Unicef,​ ​among others. The Cool The Climate! movie​, which he wrote and directed, is distributed through Kartoon Channel and Genius Brands.