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“This film connects kids to their planet with an understanding of how climate change affects them and what they can do to help stop it – all with characters my family just loves!”

Davis Guggenheim, director of “An Inconvenient Truth”

“‘Cool the Climate!’ is a must for all elementary school teachers that hope to inspire the next generation.” 

Chris Ando, 4th Grade teacher for 22 years, CA

“The movie rules!” 

Taliyah, 5th Grade, CA

“My students and I love this film! Colorful, engaging, the “Cool The Climate!'” program really helped my class learn about and understand the complexities of Global Warming. We also loved the music and how it was infused into the messages.”

Kirsten Riley, elementary school teacher, NJ

“Simon the Hippo is joined by friends Peep the Bird, Bob the Rodent, and Suzanne the Crystal Goddess in this kid-friendly eco-program. The animals are worried-snow is melting on Mount Kilimanjaro, drought in Africa is spreading, and the heat is getting to them. Although Bob is reluctant to take on climate issues (“rats always survive,” he claims), the others know that everyone has to help to reverse these trends. This brightly colored, simply animated program tackles some big issues (global warming, carbon footprints, climate change, recycling, the food chain) in age-appropriate terms. Kids will love the catchy tunes and silly humor. While singing along, viewers gain solid information on the science behind the climate change as well as suggestions of ways they can help, including riding bikes instead of cars, turning off lights, choosing reusable products, planting gardens, and raising money for environmental projects. Extras include an extensive teachers’ guide with lesson plans, Spanish language translation, bonus cartoons, and more.” 

Candace Smith, Booklist

“My kids love the characters! They’ve watched the film 5 times in 2 days and are singing the songs and becoming little eco warriors! It even inspired them to have a Cool The Climate Bake Sale where they raised $280 for saving the jungle to offset their carbon footprints!”

Megan Crawford, mother of two, Los Angeles, CA

“Cool The Climate!” will not only broaden children’s understanding of climate change, but will do so in an engaging way that will excite them to learn more about fighting climate change in their own lives. Kids dictate the future of this planet, and Denis Thomopoulos is providing them with the essential foundation that will leave them inspired to make a difference!”

Maggie Ollove, The Earth Day Network

“Your kids will love this fun and charming film and, better still, be inspired by it. “Cool The Climate!'” shows how our actions affect the planet – all in a great adventure story.”

Ed Begley, Jr., actor and environmentalist

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