Imagine - Cool The Climate!

The carbon in The World’s atmosphere is currently around 418+ppm when 350ppm is the safe level

To get us back to 350ppm, we can 

1. inspire kids with our award-winning kids climate program.
2. take daily actions like composting. You can share a school composting program with our characters and partner EcoSafeZeroWaste.
3. buy used clothes. But when you do buy new, please think of our made in the USA organic products that plant 10 trees and are potentially carbon negative in time.
4. enjoy the process! Follow our characters’ adventures and the “cool the climate” information they share on TikTokYoutubeFacebook, and through our newsletter.
5. live with the 21 Steps To Cool The Climate we’ve compiled for kids as a summary for climate action.
6. share ideas…please get in touch if you have tips and suggestions for us. 

We’d love to hear from you!